Product reviews & ratings
aggregation platform

Connecting brands to their product reviews & ratings across any marketplace or eCommerce site



    You’re in good company:


    Our technology is used by hundreds of leading brands in various countries
    • Reviews & ratings is a number one tool for website conversion uplift

    Widget/API integration for posting product ratings and reviews on the website

    Fill your product pages with lots of UGC

    Product review aggregation and crawling

    Instantly fill up your website with reviews and monitor your product and brand performance

    Collect reviews

    Our service sends a branded email to your customers after their purchase and prompts them to review their recent purchase


    We will help to handle and optimize your review moderation process. Make sure all content you publish is high-quality and relevant

    Alerts & quick replies to customer reviews

    Reply to new incoming reviews and questions on time thanks to notifications


    Brands can syndicate the collected content and translate it to retailers both inside and outside of our network

    Questions & Answers

    Address purchase-blocking questions within the shopper experience to enhance buyer confidence and convert visitors to purchasers

    • Product Review Monitoring enables brand owners and manufacturers to hear what customers are saying about them

    Product review monitoring and analytics

    Get the full picture of all your reviews and ratings. Our powerful API allows to export data into your CRM, PIM or BI

    Detailed statistics and reports

    Track your reviews in a convenient dashboard and receive a quick summary by e-mail


    Ratings & Reviews

    Collect reviews, questions and other content from your customers and 3rd party sources. Everything you need for a quick start.

    Sales and Marketing

    Trustworthy product information at the point-of-purchase increases sales conversion rate, order value and purchase frequency, as well as improves SEO and SEM campaigns.

    Review Crawling and Syndication

    By collecting a large volume of reviews from major eCommerce sites, we are able to deliver the industry’s most accurate post-purchase buyer experience.

    Review Insights

    Analyze data using our API to focus your business efforts on the things that really matter to your customers and help improve your bottom line.

    • “Our brand Candy was in need of product reviews and ratings on the D2C site, especially during the NPI (new product introduction) phase. We solved the issue by integrating with a ReviewBase service, which we are completely satisfied with.

      What we really like about this service is that it is a complete product, there is no need to invent anything ourselves, it saves our time and resources. After integration the overall dynamics is positive. Sales are growing.

      – Anthony Shein, Head of eCommerce at Candy

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      Flexible widgets

      Stats and reports

      Higher conversion rates

      Image reviews

      SEO rankings uplift up to 200%

      Seller and product reviews

      Social media integration

      API customisation